Weight Weight Just Love Me – Confidence – Day 42

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Increased confidence is showing up in some interesting ways with this challenge....

Increased confidence is showing up in some interesting ways with this challenge….

I have noticed recently I have more confidence in a number of different areas of my life of late. Could it be from learning how to love myself more?  It does show up in areas where I am following my heart.

As a business owner at times I’ve had to make the hard calls and make a move that created disruption for another’s life. This often comes with great consternation and much contemplation. Ultimately it does work out better for the other person in ways they could have never imagined – still it is me who pulls the trigger on the much needed change.

I strive to make these required changes with kindness and compassion even though I realize for the one experiencing the unwanted change it hardly ever feels this way. Being an empath my heart goes out to them – yet more often than not the other experiences as much if not more relief than I do from the change. And it got me wondering what other options do I have rather than going so far over the edge to accommodate another – sometimes to my own detriment?  When did I sign on as another’s be all end all of comfort and ease until death do us part?  How can I more confidently make changes that better suit the direction we need to head without the pull of the heart strings from the person or people we need to move away from to get there?  The answer to all these questions lies in learning how to love myself more.

Sometimes I beat myself up pretty hard when pushed to the edge where I must initiate a change in the business that impacts another in ways they do not like. Yesterday when talking about one such challenge with my sweetheart, I was called out on doing just that – beating myself up.  I think I referred to myself as a moron for even getting into the position I’m in.  Yet I had and have the confidence in my current course to take swift and proper action.  So how much of a moron can I really be?

Contrasted with the self flagellation of the business challenge is this new  pursuit to take on a complex craft project of the magnitude I have not attempted since college when my Mom was around to offer her sage guidance. Yet now I have more confidence to pursue it – and the learning curve is immense and intense. I’m not going to disclose the nature of this project as it is a Christmas surprise for someone who may read my blog from time to time.  As I’ve worked my way through the bumps and bumbles of reaquainting myself with the skills I have to do this project, my confidence is building.  And while I do not have Mom to lean on anymore, I do have google.  It’s amazing the you tube videos out there showing technique in exquisite detail.

Loving myself more gave me the confidence to follow my heart and pursue this complex Christmas project.  While pursuing this project is increasing my confidence, it is bleeding over to the business and I’m standing tall in my decision that it is the just and right action for right now.  It feels as if the weight of the world just lifted off my shoulders.  Interesting how many ways loving myself more is enhancing my existence.


Kate’s comment: Regarding the situation you’re talking about, and beating yourself up about it, and the empathy you were experiencing – you were experiencing empathy for everyone but yourself. Once you explained the situation to me, I couldn’t see it any other way – you were being empathetic to everyone else.

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