Weight Weight Just Love Me – Clarity – Day 43

When the fog clears, it really is all sunshine and rainbows....

When the fog clears, it really is all sunshine and rainbows….

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

I’ve said for years the secret to my success was doing the next logical thing.  Sometimes though when it’s really cloudy and foggy out where I can’t even see my hand when I put it out in front of me, it’s hard to see where that next logical step is.   Then all of a sudden the fog lifts and I see the path clearly laid out before me with everything I need to take my journey at my finger tips.  When this type of magic happens in my life, I move on it.  Today is such a day.

First, I’m now firmly grounded in loving myself more – it’s a my daily devotional practice.  So when I find myself anywhere other than in loving myself more – I shift fast.  This includes when in a fog – I just enjoy the cozy comforting all nestled in  that being in a fog allows.  Beating myself about being in the fog will not make the fog lift any faster.  And the winds of change do appear often enough I now know the fog yes will soon lift.  It reminds me of the book Siddartha – where his main skills are that he can fast, wait and think.  This is really all I need to do when living in a fog.

It’s now where I am with renewed clarity after being in a fog where I’m ready to prancercise on down the path before me.   Okay maybe not to the prancercise’s folks level of a gallop – but you get my idea.  I’ve learned through this 66 day challenge the decisions I make that are in my best and highest good, are also in the best and highest good for all – even if they choose to see things otherwise.  We are each on our own journey through life.  While I may cross paths with others and decide to take a different route based on what I learn from them – that is my choice.  How my path aligns with another is also a temporary thing – we each get to choose with whom we walk through life and for how long.  After all children grow up, parents pass away, friends relocate for work, significant relationships become less significant, jobs requirements change……  Learning how to love myself more has helped me navigate my way through the fog to find the clearly marked path of happiness in this loving myself more journey.   I’ve arrived.


Kate’s comment: What you said about life changing but loving ourselves staying the same – I love that this is a constant. People think that when life goes to shambles, all of it does – why can’t a few pillars remain as a stabilizer?

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