Weight Weight Just Love Me – Move It – Day 50

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Most of what I love could easily fit in this home. Yet I live in places required of the business. Thankfully I have great talent to help me enjoy these places.

Most of what I love could easily fit in this home. Yet I live in places required for the businesses I run. Thankfully I have great talent to help me enjoy this existence.

Yesterday when I woke up I had no idea I would be changing the decor in seven rooms in my Portland hang (essentially the whole house).  My visualist was up for the trade show that was a bust and we were going to make the best of her time here by shooting video’s for an upgrade we are doing on our course “The Happiness Project.” But we got to discussing how we could be using four rooms in this place differently – two were on the third floor and two were on the ground floor.  We needed stuff on the third floor on the ground floor and stuff on the ground floor on the third floor.  Now this I think is what happens to people who use photo shop too much.  Of course we can easily move things here and there, it’s just the click of a mouse…..

Being the true engineer that I am, I wanted to do this project with the least amount of effort (and cost).  So I texted my favorite movers (aptly named “Portland Movers”) to check on their availability (no I do not have them on speed dial).  They sent two guys over within the hour.  Three hours later, we had everything in the places we wanted, and actually reorganized seven rooms (the project expanded).  And these two guys managed to disassemble and reassemble large beds and couches required to move it all.  Plus they also rehung pictures – even moved stuff back up two flights of stairs.  During the process, they also found a dead baby possum in a window well in the back yard.  Since they are movers, they moved that too, right into the garbage.   The total bill for essentially moving the largest items in the house two flights of stairs – both up and down – $150.   I’m sitting here in what is essentially a redecorated place – and everything feels like it’s now exactly where it needs to be.  Well for the time being…..

Loving myself more has always meant to me to hire the right people for the job. So this is not really something new for me to do. I’m a master of efficiency – and I like to get things done fast.  No sense in belaboring the inevitable when I know something needs to happen. When someone asks me to help them move – I ask them – “when and where would you like the moving folks to show up?” (You can well imagine I get very few requests to help people move).  I’m not sure where a requirement of friendship required the hard (and dangerous) physical labor of moving?  If you want to keep your friends or want to be a better friend, when moving, spring for a little help.  Easy enough to find anywhere – Uhaul even has a moving helper app where you find people to assist you for a couple hours.  You can invite your friends over for pizza after the job is done.  They will love you more for this.  I know this, trust me.


Kate’s comment: A dead baby possum?!? Sad and gross! That sounds like a really productive day – did you get yourself enough food through the hustle and bustle?

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