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Day 6 of Curing Brain Cancer with Dr Burzynski – Endogenous Amino Acids

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Yesterday was a rough day in the quest to cure my Mom’s brain cancer.   She had a really really bad reaction to one of the drugs – it was the last one she was prescribed.    It wasn’t bad from a survival perspective, but bad from a quality of life perspective.   I’m not saying anymore.   We are NEVER giving her that one again.   And to think that people who are going through regular chemo have to put up with that type of impact as a part of the treatment is outrageous.

At her daily doctor’s appointment yesterday we were given the results of her Endogenous Amino Acids test and 12 of the 24 Amino Acid readings were over the max limit.   The Physicians Assistant who handed me the report did not know what it meant.   We did have an appointment to discuss with the nutritionist but she had gone home early because she wasn’t feeling well.   I’ve been scouring the internet to try to make sense of this lab report.   Rather obscure test as there are no reference sites for this one.   From what I could make out – it’s probably her ketogenic diet that is tipping this into this range.   We did also find out that her b-12 levels are sky high – I guess the chewable 5000mg b-12 tablets work GREAT.   She is good on B-12 for a while.

What I really like about the Burzynski’s Clinic – these folks are thorough and on top of everything.   And they are quite happy to share their lab results with you, give you copies and help you make sense of it.   You are treated like a partner in the cure program instead of a necessary evil to be worked around like most of the other medical places we have encountered on this journey.   We are made an integral part of the team on the pursuit of the cure.   We are anyhow, so why not work with us this way?