If you’re unemployed and need a leg up, here is an offer.

Yes we can create the life that enables all of us to succeed.

The Project Prosperity course will help you create long term, sustainable success.

To help people get jobs I am offering my 35 hour online Project Prosperity course free to people who find themselves temporarily unemployed, in exchange for providing me with five referrals for people who are still employed who could use project management or negotiation skills training. Click here to participate.

Why is this of value?

1. It could help you get a job. Besides the skills you learn in this course that will help you land on your feet, many people have professional credentials that require them to take continuing education to maintain those credentials. If your credentials lapse, it will make it even more of an uphill job to find suitable employment. My company, Cheetah Learning, is certified to give continuing education credits through IACET. These are accepted by most professional credentialing associations. Being unemployed is a good time to take care of those requirements to maintain professional certifications.

2. I designed the Project Prosperity online course to help people develop skills that will help them develop creative solutions for pursuing their goals (employment or business development) – especially during difficult economic times.

Help Someone You Know Who is Unemployed and Forward them this link – http://tinyurl.com/6gt8cg

Listen to the interview about why we are offering the program. http://podcast.cheetahlearning.com/podcastgen/

Read Our Press Release – socialcapital

One Response to “If you’re unemployed and need a leg up, here is an offer.”

  1. Warren Whitlock Says:

    I love how you are taking action with something positive like this.

    So many businesses are thinking about cutting back.. in fact now is the perfect time to forge ahead, gain market share and momentum.

    Sad that some are suffering.. but we know that there will be better days ahead